WHBCO has 4 models, encompassing 12 ft, 15 ft, 16 ft and 17 ft. The larger models may be fitted with sailing rigs. Each canoe is hand crafted  and may be ordered with several options in regards to wood selections, finish color, deck size, thwarts, carrying yoke, caned seats and accesories.

Bristol Girl  16 ft 10 in  with 36" wide beam, 12" deep at center, 22" rise at the ends, unladen weight  65 lbs for  easy portage. A 2" rocker provides the canoe with an ability to turn quickly and handle some rivers and mild whitewater: This canoe handles larger loads and tracks well either loaded or solo. This verstile canoe is designed for flat water use by families or tripping with gear, either solo or tandem paddled.

Otter   15 ft 10 in with  34.5 " beam, 12" deep at center, 20" rise at the ends, unladen weight 55 lbs.  A favorite with traditional flat water paddlers and omaring due to its length and great secondary stability which lends itself to this style of paddling.

 Ragg-A-Muffin 14 ft 10 in with 34" beam, 12" deep at center, 18" rise at the ends, unladen weight less than 50 lbs. with smaller decks, flatter bottom. Designed to be used primarily as a solo-paddling canoe.

LAPSTRAKE 12 ft with 32" beam, 12" deep at center, 22" rise at the ends, unladen weight less than 30 lbs.  The ultimate solo canoe, using newer technology to build a light canoe with traditional look. The keel is a very straight line with just a touch of rocker in the ends. It can be paddled as a traditional canoe or  from the removable center seat as a kayak .